Are you 11 - 15 years old and looking for something different?

Sometimes it can be pretty hard to find a sport when you're not really interested in competing on a main-stream sports team.  Maybe you want to try something the rest of the gang doesn't have the guts to try.  Maybe there's just a little bit of recklessness in your heart and a desire to break the mold.  We like living a little closer to the edge ourselves.  There is no judgement at Buckley Jiu-Jitsu.  The best part is that we're not savages.  We're not out to hurt each other.  We're here trying to see what our bodies and spirits are capable of.  We want to find out where the limits lie.  We want to push ourselves and find out what we're really capable of... Sometimes, if you want to get a handle on things, you have to embrace the chaos and let the good times roll.

Do you have a kid between 11 - 15 who you'd like to see in a sport but they're not going along with it?

You'd like to see your kid in sport but a lot of the sporting culture in Oakville doesn't seem to interest them.  Many activities are very expensive and require you to drive them all over the place, often at very early hours or all through your weekends.  Maybe you had them in martial arts at an early age but they dropped out due to boredom.  Buckley Jiu-Jitsu is different.  Our young adults work in with the adult class.  It's a faster pace, a more dynamic atmosphere and there's a lot more to keep their attention.  They can compete if they wish or just train with the rest of the group. You can commit as much of your evening or weekend time as you wish and it won't cost you hundreds in equipment purchases to get going. They'll work with a peer group they enjoy (that you won't have to worry about) and get some great exercise while gaining confidence in themselves and learning responsibility for others.  This isn't the kids class of 10 years ago and they're not killers in a cage.  Come in and see for yourself.