NEW Close Quarter Combat 


The Buckley Jiu-Jitsu team over the past couple of weeks has developed our new striking program and we are happy to launch a one hour Close Quarter Combat program which dives heavily into striking methodologies. 


The warmup and class material will be quick paced and very energetic to help with our cardio and all classes will help people drill new skills and live spar at their skill level.  We’ll continue to work on developing powerful strikes but redirect our attention to real-world applications instead of dwelling solely on sport-centric maneuvers.  In short, we’ll run a calorie blasting program that not only improves our striking capabilities but connects the dots on your personal fight game.


Come out for your free trial class and see just what you are capable of.  Check out our schedule to see which times work best for you and let us know you're on the way.  Beginners are always welcome, so grab your gear and come on out.  Trust us, you'll have a blast! 


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