Welcome to the Buckley MMA Community

Buckley MMA offers you an experience unlike any other in martial arts training. Our camaraderie and inclusive attitudes are legendary. We don’t just let the good times roll, we have assembled a family that sustains them.  


Jiu-jitsu is the cornerstone of our game, but the family atmosphere, camaraderie and dedication to our larger community is its beating heart.  Our staff are courteous and knowledgable. Our coaches take extra time to ensure that our friends excel in their studies.  Our teammates ensure that they help each other to learn while maintaining an atmosphere of tolerance and safety.  Thugs and bullies do not exist here.  However, the brotherhood dosen't end on the mats.  Our members (and even their parents!) have repeatedly gone out of their own ways to help each other out with their various talents, business connections and expertise.  Renshi Patrick himself flew to Haiti to assist in the rebuilding of the Haiti Children's Home after it was ruined in the quake of 2010 because one of his students had lived there.  Absolutely, we're a bunch of good time hunting kidders out for a laugh but rest assured, when you find yourself unable to find your own good time, we'll be there to help you look.  There's a commitment within our family that you won't find anywhere else.


Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton and area - this is YOUR gym. Let the good times roll.

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