Canadian Jiu-Jitsu 


Canadian Jiu-Jitsu is a system of striking, blocking, take-downs and ground fighting, ensuring that you have the skills you need no matter where the fight takes you.  It is the modern evolution of a 2000 year old Japanese art, upgraded for functionality.    



Our roots may go back to fuedal Japan, but what we teach today is an effective and adaptable art employed by police forces and military tactical units the world over.   Canadian Jiu-Jitsu uses trapping and parrying style blocks and a different hand position – we use a boxer’s stance with hands up guarding the head, instead of the traditional chambered punch stance.  We also use English terminology for techniques. 


In Canadian Jiu-Jitsu we use a belt rank system to break the syllabus into an easy to follow structure.  Similar to other martial arts, all students start as white belts and then master the techniques for each belt rank.  Advancement is clearly defined and spelled out; gradings are held regularly and you will always know the specific criteria you need to meet in order to earn your next belt.


You'll find lots of traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu in the etiquette and movements we teach, with a few tweaks to ensure the moves are practical today. Interested in joining us for a free class to see for yourself?  Check out our schedule to see which times work best for you and let us know you're on the way.  Beginners are always welcome, so grab your gear and come roll with us. For more info on the history of jiu-jitsu, check out the wiki here:


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